The Art of the Kiss

by Michael Webb, Founder -  

Nothing can make or break you as a lover like kissing.  It is the first real intimate contact you have with your partner, and the way you kiss can alter her feelings for you completely.  If you’re too aggressive, too sloppy, or just too much, you could end up killing whatever attraction she had for you to begin with.  However, kiss her just right, and she will be putty in your hands.  What makes a kiss spectacular really depends on the couple, but here are some do’s and don’ts that are pretty universal. 

Don’t fall victim to sewer mouth.  You could have lips as luscious as Brad Pitt, but bad breath will ruin the moment.  Cigarette smokers especially have to watch the halitosis. 

Do take care of your teeth.  Brush, floss, and rinse with mouth wash daily.  Popping a breath mint right before making out helps, but it won’t get rid of festering gunk already up in there.  Nobody wants to make out with a guy who has teeth like a meth addict. 

Don’t jam your tongue down her throat.  It is the most common kissing error made by men.  Once things get heated up, the feel of your tongue will set her ablaze!  Ramming your tongue into her mouth before her lips are even parted will bring everything to a screeching halt.  What, are you fifteen? 

Do tease her with the tip of your tongue.  Once you’ve been kissing for a bit, fee lfree add a little tongue, but think of it more as a lick than a jab.  Keep your tongue soft for maximum pleasure. 

Don’t assume a kiss means you’re getting some booty.  For a woman, kissing can just be kissing.  Physical contact with you helps to build her feelings of intimacy toward you.  If every kiss leads to your putting your hands down her pants, she will begin to feel objectified, and a rift will form.  Translation, you’ll never get any. 

Do learn to love what she loves about kissing.  There are a lot of nerve endings in your lips, allowing for sensations you may be ignoring.  Close your eyes, and let the kiss be about the kiss. 

Don’t forget to kiss her when she’s naked!  Kissing shouldn’t be just a tool to get into her pants.  It’s an act of intimacy, and will make her feel relaxed and cared for during penetration.  Plus, when you’re in the throes of passion your sense of touch is heightened, and this kiss will be felt through your entire body.

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