Taking Turns During Sex

by Michael Webb, Founder - VirtuosoLover.com 

When you’re in a good relationship, there are so many things you can do together.  You always have someone to go to the movies with, someone to cook with, and best of all, someone to have sex with!  However, here’s the part where it’s best not to worry about togetherness, and start taking turns.  Read on for two instances where it’s best to get in line. 


People seem to think that climaxing at the same time is an easily attainable goal.  Well, it’s not.  The likelihood of having simultaneous orgasms is quite slim - the reason being that men and women climax in quite different ways. 
For men, friction on the penis is what causes the pleasure build, and finally, the orgasm.  It’s not as cut and dry for women – let’s hope it’s not dry at all for women.  The pleasure building central for women is in the clitoris, and not easily stimulated through penetration alone.  In fact, the vast majority of women do not climax during intercourse.  They require more direct contact with the clitoris.  I know you probably think that your awesome penis will tickle that g-spot, but for the women who even know where theirs is, it’s even harder to stimulate than the clit. 


Have you ever tried 69?  I’m sure it seemed like a good idea at the time, but how long before one of you gave up and let the other do their thing?  Well, for some reason every adolescent boy gets it into his head that 69 is totally awesome.  Even when they’ve done it and given up, they still think they’ll like it next time.  Well, get it out of your head.  69 is not awesome.  It’s confusing.  It is far too difficult to concentrate on pleasuring her when your cock is her mouth. 

You can approach oral in two ways: 1) you first, or 2) her first.  Understand that you first may not be as common, but it can be a way to break up the monotony.  If she gives you a blow job to the point of climax, you will be relaxed enough to really concentrate on her.  You’re more apt to spend the time it takes to perform mind blowing cunnilingus.  After one, this is the time to check out the G-spot digitally.  When she is in a heightened state of arousal, it will be swollen and easier to locate.  Plus, all the time you spend down there will give you time to reload.  Your second shot will take infinitely longer, making you feel like the big stud.

About the author:

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