She Said... You Heard... Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus

by Michael Webb, Founder -  

Everyone has heard that men are from Mars, and women are from Venus.  Unfortunately, most men don’t fully appreciate the difference between the languages on Mars and Venus.  Sure, you’re using the same words, but they have quite different meanings.  Below are some common miscommunications between the genders. 

She said:  “Kiss me.”

You heard:  “Kiss me, hump my leg, and grab my breasts.”

What she means:  Okay, maybe occasionally she does mean that, but you should know when she just means, “Kiss me.”  Kissing is a wonderful intimacy builder, and it’s often overlooked.  I know, since the day you first noticed that girls are awesome, you’ve been dreaming of day you’d have a woman you were allowed to touch all you wanted.  However, if you’re tweaking her nipples and grabbing her crotch every time she leans in for a kiss, you’re going to desensitize her!  You will lose those as tricks as ways to get her really steamed up.  Sometimes kissing is just kissing.  Learn to appreciate this as a showing of affection, not an opportunity to cop a feel. 

She said:  “Be gentle.”

You heard:  “Awkwardly fumble around my breasts and knead me with your member.”

What she means:  Be gentle!  The idea of gentle is completely different for men than for women.  This comes naturally to her, but it is usually a learned behavior for men.  Think about how she touches you, her gentle strokes sending electric shocks through your body.  Her feather-light touches are like a sensory overload.  Mimic this in your treatment of her.  Pretend you’re tickling her with your finger tips or your lips.  Not only does it send warm fuzzies through her body, but it allows you to really experience her flesh. 

She said:  “Do whatever you want with me.”

You Heard: “Here’s the green light to stick it in my back door!”

What she means:  This is a common miscommunication between men and women.  When a woman puts the ball in your court to guide the sexual encounter, she is not asking to be defiled in every way your male brain has conceived.  She is actually asking you to take care of her.  If you immediately ram it in her rear while pulling her hair and demanding she call you “daddy,” it is a violation of the trust she put in you.  As sexual intimacy develops, so can the tricks about which you’ve been fantasizing.  However, early in the relationship, be respectful of your partner’s comfort zone.  If you abuse her trust, you’ll never progress in relationship – physical or emotional.

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