Make Love Like An Elite - It's Not about Technique

by Michael Webb, Founder -  

The ’84 Dolphins were an historic team for any sport.  This was large in part due to Dan Marino’s outstanding season at quarterback.  He passed for a record-setting 5,084 yards and a record-setting 48 touchdowns, and was only sacked 14 times during the regular season.  He had an uncanny ability to read a play and a laser for an arm.  Combining this with the synchronicity he had with wide receivers Mark Clayton and Mike “Super” Duper, it’s no wonder they stand out as one of the greatest teams in sports history.   Hours upon hours of training and drill running read to this team’s precision offense.  However, this is not the way one should approach sex. 

Concentrating too hard on technique can actually inhibit pleasure during sex.  No matter how much practicing you’ve done, no two women ever react to touch the same way, and even the same woman could have different responses on different occasions.  Mastering specific maneuvers is a practice in futility.   You’re not trying to win the Super Bowl here; you’re trying to please your woman. 

Over-thinking your technique is counter productive to the affect a woman is seeking during sex, which is a shared connection.  I’m not talking soul mate stuff.  Even if it’s a one night stand, sex will not be as satisfying to a woman if the man is not engaged in the act.  If you’re concentrating too hard on which maneuver comes next for optimum satisfaction – touch her breast, then kiss her lips, then gently place your hand between her legs – then you are not using the best tool you have, which is you. 

A woman experiences sex differently than a man.  All a man really needs in order to achieve climax is stimulation of the penis.  If his penis enters a vagina, he has achieved sex.  Women, however, have sex with all their senses.  The smell of your hair and the warmth of your skin are all integral to her pleasure.  She is experiencing you with her lips, her hands, and, yes, her genitals.  If your brain is absent, you are not responding to her desire to touch you, and she will inevitably feel the distance.  However, if you take a cue from her and start putting your mind back into the game, you will improve the pleasure levels for both of you. 

Next time you are in bed with a woman, stop worry about every minutia.  Instead, focus on the person lying with you.  Catering to her responses will yield a vastly superior reaction than cold, practiced moves.

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