Good Touch, Bad Touch - How to Be Better Than Her Vibrator

by Michael Webb, Founder -  

Women like touch.  Just look around and you can see the evidence.  Women hug each other, they kiss on the cheek.  Every time a woman sees a baby she reaches out to hold its hand and tickle it.  Touching gives her feelings of warmth and comfort.  She uses it to both show and feel affection.  Men use touch to have sex. 

Obviously, that is an oversimplification of the issue, but women do show physical affection in a nonsexual way on far more occasions than men do.  She loves to have her skin against your skin, even if it’s not in an arousing way.  Barring any childhood trauma, it is an incredibly soothing sensation for her.  Serotonin is actually released into her brain, causing her to feel closer to you.  The closer she feels to you, the more she wants to have sex with you.  Appreciate the effect that has on her, and you can learn to appreciate it yourself.  Yeah, you’ll probably get a hard on, but it is sort of impolite to rub it on her leg when she’s not expecting it. 

Since the day a woman first started needing a bra, she’s been fighting off the hands of men.  Boys used to graze her breast while pretending to reach for a pencil, handsy high school boys were always desperately trying to put their hands places she wasn’t sure of, and when they got old enough to drink – well, you get the point.  Gratuitous grabbing of her private areas feels to her like objectification, not affection.  Her instinct is to react defensively.  I know it gets very difficult not to manhandle your woman all the time,  especially if it’s been a while, but try to control yourself a bit.  Being patient is a way better method to getting sex than aggressive sexual advances. 

 Desperation is never a turn on. Once she’s naked, she has the same need for touch as when she was clothed.  If all she needed was to get off, there are many accessible mechanical devices out there that are far superior to you on that front.  The physical contact with her partner is far more important than the measure of her orgasms.  It’s your touch that she misses when you’re gone, not your penis.  That is what keeps her coming back for more.  So worry less about your technique, and more about the enjoyment of the experience.

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