Is She Bored with Sex

by Michael Webb, Founder -  

As you have probably noticed, making a woman cum is not as easy as they make it look on TV.  The one spot that you’re sure will lead to climax is the size of an eraser, and it won’t get all worked up over just anything.  You’re a man.  You’re used to the penis which works like a rifle: load it, point it, shoot it.  A woman’s trigger is far more difficult than that.  You have to find it, but you’ll never find it if you don’t prepare her first.  Once you do find it, it’s inexplicably moving all over the place on you, and you get frustrated because all the blood you need to make your brain function correctly has rushed into your penis.  How on earth are you supposed to please a woman if you can’t even figure out her body? 

There is one technique that will help you through this: don’t give up!  I’m not saying that every single time you must work until you make her cum.  That can be irritating.  However, if the both of you are consistently giving up on her orgasm, it’s red alert time, pal.  The more she doesn’t cum, the more the idea of having sex with you becomes a chore.  She understands that sex is an important part of a relationship’s function, so she will do it even if she doesn’t get much out of it.  Additionally, if she’s having sex with little pleasure, you may feel closer to her, but she will be frustrated with you.  Perhaps the stereotype of the harpy wife isn’t so much to do with the fact that women are lunatics as it is that men grow lazy in the bedroom over time?  How nice are you when you haven’t gotten off in months?  

Think about it this way: you know that working out is vital to your health.  However, when you are out of shape, it’s all you can do to make yourself get to the gym.  When you’re strong and fit, you like to work those muscles out, and you look forward to physical activity.  It’s the same with sex.  If a woman’s clitoris is not getting a consistent work out, there is not much incentive to have sex.  When she’s coming on a regular basis, then her clit can’t wait to be touched!  If you give her the proper stimulation, she may actually be begging you for sex every once in a while!

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