How to Turn a Conversation Sexual

I want to take a quick second to discuss one of my favorite topics - how to turn a conversation sexual. My good buddy Race de Priest has become the expert in "text seduction," and when he told me he was releasing this new book on it, I had to check it out. I can honestly tell you, I was blown away just in the first few pages! This guy really knows his stuff...

Anyway, Race talks about this in such great detail, that I had to have him teach me some of these techniques so that I could use them. As Race writes, the most potent sexual organ in the female body is her mind, and I truly believe that the most effective way to stimulate a woman's mind is through the power of your words.

Let Her Know Your Sexual Side

Have you ever been told that you're not supposed to be overtly sexual with a woman because it's not "socially acceptable?" Whether from a parental or authority figure, often times in our youth we have been told that we're not supposed to showcase our sexual side.

I'm here to tell you today, that these rules no longer apply to an evolved man like yourself. I hate to break it to you, but odds are, there are times in your life that you have blown opportunities to become sexual with a woman because you weren't sure if you would offend her and ruin your chances.
The problem is - women KNOW we have sexual desires. When we try to hide these desires, one of two things happen:
  1. She doesn't feel that she can trust you - not being comfortable in your skin is very unattractive.
  2. She thinks you aren't interested in her sexually, and starts to look elsewhere.
The truth hurts, but I'm here to help you become comfortable turning any conversation sexual

Be Bold Not Brash

You will be amazed at how receptive women can be to your sexual advances when they come from a place of genuine interest for her. I call this concept being "Bold, not brash." A brash man is pushy, rude, and overbearing when it comes to steering the conversation. This is a guaranteed way to come off as creepy or egotistical.

The secret is to own what you say, sexually. Tell her what you really want to do with her and to her. No matter what her responses are, just remember that these are your desires and there is never a need to apologize for them.

This is NOT an excuse to just be a jerk or to be overbearing. Boldness means that you are coming from a genuine place within. Your desires come from within.

Be bold, but never brash. Remember - sex is a natural desire and part of who you are as a man. Never apologize for them or try to hide them.

For more examples of how to be bold in your conversations, check out Race's new book "Text 2 Sex" today.

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