How to Begin Before You Finish A Brief Lesson in Longevity

by Michael Webb, Founder -  

Are you a minute man? You, know - have problems with premature ejaculation? Barring medial issues, this is easier to correct than you think.  A few tweaks in how you approach sex should help you last longer.   

Harness your inner Sting.

Outside of easy listening and pirate shirts, Sting is perhaps best known for his practice of Tantric sex.  Tantra is a movement that was born in India several thousand years ago and incorporates meditation into sex.  While this may not entirely appeal to the average man, you can at least borrow some techniques. 

As in any physical activity, sexual stamina improves when you concentrate on your breath.  Make sure you take slow, steady breaths that go all the way into your belly instead of your chest.  This will aid in keeping you relaxed in an extremely excitable situation.  It will also allow for you to clear your head so you can tune in to every sensation.  Once you can enjoy the sexual experience as a whole, you’ll be rushing less for the goal.  Sure, going through the Yankees roster in your head also works, but do you want to be thinking about Randy Johnson while you’re getting it on with a woman?  

Take a few time outs

Just because the penis is in, doesn’t mean it has to stay there until you blow.  Yes, this is infinitely easier said than done, but if you’re getting your Zen on Sting-style, you should be able to do it.  Take that time to kiss, eat her out, or tease her clitoris with the head of your penis.   

While you’re out, incorporate the Squeeze Technique to stave off premature ejaculation.  Before that inevitable Point of No Return, pull out and squeeze the head of the penis.  This forces blood from the genitals, which will relieve a bit of the pressure.   This technique can be repeated as needed. 

Don’t make it all about your penis

To you, sex is all about the part where you get to put your penis in her vagina.  Get that out of your brain.  Sex is about the entire experience.  Spend some time really exploring her body, getting to know all the spots that drive her wild.  Go down on her a couple of times.  She can cum many times, so there’s nothing wrong with giving her a couple of orgasms before you even get in there. 

If you do cum before she does, it’s not over.  This may seem obvious to some, but it bears repeating.  After your orgasm, you want to roll over and fade into the euphoria, but she is still frustrated.  Your penis is not hard anymore, but you have your hands, your tongue, and your creativity to help finish her off.  If you ever want to have sex with this woman again, you better make sure you’re both happy.  

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