Building The Big " O "

by Michael Webb, Founder - 

For women, achieving orgasm is a process, and a fun one at that.  All of the kissing, touching, licking, and caressing are vital parts of sex for the fairer sex, not just stuff you do until you cum.  She feels intense delight at the touch of your lips and the stroke of your finger tips.  In fact, there are instances where a woman enjoys the sexual experience, even if she hasn’t climaxed.  Those instances are few and far between, so it’s best if you know how to make it happen.   

There is not a single technique that will guarantee your woman’s satisfaction, but rather a building of mood and touch that eventually send her over the edge.  It’s a bit difficult for men to grasp, since a warm vagina, or even a fist full of hand lotion, is all it really takes to get where you need to be.  Perhaps a better understanding of the phases a woman goes through to reach orgasm is in order. 

Phase I: The Beginning

This is the part when she just decided she wants to have sex.  Her breathing is slightly heavier than normal, and her pulse has quickened.  Some serious making out just may be in order at this point.  Let your hands wander all over her body.  Run your fingers through her hair, stroke her back, and even get in a bit of nipple play.  If your hands head south of the border, avoid direct contact with her clit.  Use slow, gentle strokes.  Rubbing your palm slowly and deeply over her vaginal lips is a great way to give her a hint of what’s to come without irritating her lady bits. 

Phase II:  The Build-Up

 Now things are really getting heated up.  Her breathing has turned into almost a pant, and she’s probably let out some audible moans.  In this phase, you can make more direct contact with the clitoris, but don’t just hang out there.  Keep that indirect contact going, but brush the head of the clit every once in a while.  Rub the sides along the shaft, and then pinch the head.  You can also vary strokes and speeds at this point.  You may want to rub the head of the clit in a circular motion at a high frequency, and then slowly rub the shaft up and down.  However you want to do it, just play! 

Phase III: The Big Finish

Phase III is typically signaled by her screaming, “Faster! Faster!”  Now is not the time to mess around.  Get in there, and get the job done!  Zero in on that one spot, and rub it like you mean it!  Use quick, circular motions right on the head of the clitoris until you hear her scream in ecstasy.

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