Breasts - Mastering the Twin Peaks !

by Michael Webb, Founder - 

Whether you’re a leg man or an ass man, every man is a breast man.  Breasts have more nicknames than anything else on the planet.  Gossip blogs are constantly reporting on celebrity “nipple slips.”  The mere hint of Janet Jackson’s bear breast during the Super Bowl Half-Time Show caused one of the largest controversies in media history.  So what is this crazy obsession we have with breasts?  Is it just because men don’t have them?  Is it some oedipal reaction to having been breast fed?  Whatever it is, men like breasts, and they like them a lot. 

One of the most common complaints women have about their partners is that he won’t stop touching her boobs.  Everything they do together, he must somehow incorporate the tittay-grab.  When he’s watching TV, he’s playing with her nipples.  While she’s doing the dishes, he’s massaging her mammories.   I know, I know, they’re there, they’re awesome, and you just gotta touch them.  In the long run, this could end up hindering your rack rights.  So unless you’re up for a booby-free existence, let’s go for quality over quantity when it comes to funbag fondling.  If you’re willing to practice a little self control, she will actually love to have you all over her chest.

The cardinal rule of breast handling is never pull down!  Women spend billions of dollars every year on bras that lift them up and surgeries to add perk.  If you’re yanking downward on them, it feels like you’re undoing all that work.  She will actually get the heebie-jeebies, which is not the sensation you’re going for if you’re trying to warm her up.  Concentrate instead on upward motions.  Stroke, cup, and fondle, but never in a downward motion. 
So now you know in which direction to touch her, but now you need to know how.  Do not just nose dive for the nipples.  Yes, nipple stimulation works, but it’s much more effective to tease around them first.  Grab one and give it soft bites along the underside.  Repeat on the opposite breast.  If you give one attention, don’t forget to give the other one the same amount.  Just like you don’t want her to play favorites with your testicles, she doesn’t like it if you over-indulge one of her boobs.  You can kiss, suck, lick, and caress your way up to the nipple.  Once you get there, she will be so riled up that the feeling of her nipple between your teeth will bring her to near orgasm. 

There you have it.  With proper attention paid to both breasts and avoidance of the nipple until prime time; you’ll go from simply being a breast man to becoming a breast master.

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