Below the belt - Some of the Best Spots !

by Michael Webb, Founder - 

You probably think this is going to be a guide to the clitoris.  Well, you’re wrong.  There are places below the belt you can touch her besides between her legs.  I will break it down into regions for you so it’ll be easier to comprehend. 

The booty

I’m sure that you go for the booty-grab at every moment you can sneak on in.  She leans in for a kiss – grab the booty.  She gives you a hug – grab the booty.  She’s doing dishes – grab the booty.  When you’re in bed, there’s also the booty smack.  Before you incorporate this move, be sure she’ll be down for it.  I don’t mean you should stop while you’re railing her from behind and say, “Excuse me, miss, would you mind so much if I smacked that booty?”  You should be comfortable enough with her to know in advance how she’s going to react. 
Then there’s the more sensual approach to touching her booty, and that is the tickle.  You can use your fingers, a feather, or anything else lying around.  Start with her back.  Caress her so lightly that you hardly make contact with her skin.  Move down toward her lower back.  Hang out there for a while as her body relaxes.  Trace the sides of her hips, and finally, right where the thigh and the buttocks meet.  Move away, and come back every once and a while.  It will send shivers through her whole body.  Especially to the spot you want to stimulate. 

The knees

The knees are an often overlooked area for pleasure.  You can give fluttery little kisses around the kneecaps, or tiny bites on the sides of the knee.  The real pleasure center here, though, is the back of the knees.  Now, most women are quite ticklish on the backs of their knees, but if she’s relaxed, it can give exciting sensations similar to when you tickle under her buttocks. Make sure you use only the lightest of touch, but caressing her behind her knees will give her a thrill even she’s not expecting!   

The feet

Never underestimate the power of the foot massage.  It’s become a bit of a cliché, but its effectiveness has stood the test of time.  Women typically wear all kinds of crazy shoes.  If you give even five minutes of a good foot rub, it will ease the tension of the day.  Use slow movements to make it more sensual, and add some lotion to your palms to help glide along the foot.  She will be so grateful, she’ll want to come up with some way special to thank you!

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