Back Door Betty

by Michael Webb, Founder - 
Ah, anal sex.  Depending on the person, it is the greatest fantasy or the worst turn-off.  Some women run in fear at the thought, while some practically beg for it.  There are men who will do anything to get in the backdoor, and others who couldn’t imagine putting it in the poop shoot (FYI, not even all gay men like anal).  If you’re one that wants to see what all the fuss is about, here is a step-by-step guide to making it a pleasurable, or at least tolerable, experience for both. Warning: this is a high-risk activity.

  1. Lube it up…a lot!  Unlike the vagina, the anus does not produce its own lubrication.  Use a water based lubricant.  You can get something flavored if you want to put it on her before you stick your tongue in there.  However, never, EVER attempt anal sex without lubrication.  It will cause tearing in her anus, not to mention a lot of pain.

  2. Relax!  Have her take some deep breaths.  Perhaps you can give her a massage first to loosen her up.  If she is a little ball of tension, it causes the sphincter to tighten.  If that’s tight, you’ll never get in.

  3. Slip a finger in.  Start small, especially if this is her first time.  Meaning, use your pinky.  Once you’re all lubed up, glide it in and out slowly and gently to get her used to insertion.  Next try your ring finger.  Really work it out.  Insert it, swivel around, tickle.  The more time you can spend the better.  If she can’t handle your finger, she sure as hell won’t be able to handle your penis.  That is, and I hope for your sake, if your penis is larger than your digits.

  4. Now you’re ready.  Don’t go jabbing your member straight into the no-no hole.  You will be immediately kicked out of bed, maybe forever.  Particularly amongst anal virgins, this needs to be gradual.  Tease the anus a bit, and then slide in just the head.  Pull out, and then slide it in a little deeper.  Keep doing it until you can comfortable get it all the way in.  Don’t add speed or pressure until she is ready for it.  Well, now you can take it from here.

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