The Clitoris: Okay, What is It?

by Michael Webb, Founder - 

So you want to be a sexual maverick.  Well, everyone worth his erotic salt knows that it’s all about the clitoris.  It’s that tiny well-spring of pleasure that is so difficult to pinpoint.  Every man wants to become the master of the clit.  However, conquering that miniscule bulb over a woman’s vagina can be such an impossible task.   

Your penis is very straight forward: you touch it, it gets hard; you touch it more, and you cum.  The reason it is so easy is that everything you need to work with is right in front of you.  That is not so with a woman’s genitalia.  The little bulb you see when you’re looking at it straight on is only a small portion of what makes up the clit.  Most of it is internal, which is why it is so hard to figure out. 

I don’t want to skeeve any guys out here, but the appearance of the clitoris as a whole is quite similar to the penis; it’s just mostly on the inside.  It is reminiscent in shape and function as it has both a shaft and erectile tissue.  What you think of as the clit is actually just the head or glans of the clitoris.  If you look closely at it, the glans does bear resemblance to the head of a man’s penis, only significantly smaller.  Despite its size, the head of the clitoris houses twice as many nerves as does the penis - which is why her orgasms are much, much better than yours. 

When a woman is not stimulated, the clitoris appears internally like a flaccid penis does externally.  Upon arousal, it becomes engorged and erect, actually hardening like a man’s penis.  The head pushes against the clitoral hood, which is homologous to a man’s foreskin.  The head can be incredibly sensitive, and the clitoral hood protects it from irritation.  This is particularly important if a woman is not properly stimulated, as the sebum produced by the body is what protects the clit during intercourse. 

However similar in appearance the clitoris is to the penis, it reacts quite differently to stimulation.  It’s easy to stimulate a penis to ejaculation.  You just need to touch it.  However, the clit is not an on/off switch.  If you attempt to stimulate the clitoris before she is adequately aroused, you’re going to end up irritating her more than arousing her.  In which case, it’s all over for you, pal.

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