How Women Masturbate

by Michael Webb, Founder - 

I have some shocking news.  Women like to masturbate.  Of course they do, masturbation is really fun!  They masturbate far more than you give them credit for.  In fact, for a shockingly large amount of women, that is the only way they can achieve orgasm.  While you’re aimlessly poking around down below, she’s thinking, “Whatever, just fake it so he’ll stop.  I can take care of myself later.”  This is not because of your inadequacies as a lover, nor is it unfixable.  It’s simply a lack of understanding how her body works. 

Men and women experience sex in very differently.  For men it’s relatively easy: see woman, want to have sex with woman, hopefully penis will touch woman.  Obviously that is an oversimplification, but, compared to the woman’s experience, that’s all it is.  If you develop a better understanding of how women satisfy themselves, perhaps it would seem less complicated.   

She creates a mood 

In order to achieve orgasm, a woman needs the right atmosphere.  She doesn’t light candles and get out the satin sheets every time she masturbates; she just needs to feel comfortable.  If not, she can’t concentrate on the task at hand, so to speak.  If she is too cold or too exposed or too anything that distracts her pleasure, it’s not going to happen.  That sounds daunting, but finding the right ambient balance isn’t too difficult if her mind is calm.  Plus, extreme horniness will always overtake any environmental distractions. 

She sets a pace 

Regardless of the method, a woman touches herself rhythmically.  Meaning, there is an even flow of strokes and caresses, allowing her to concentrate on the sensations each touch gives.  A choppy technique can be distraction.  Whereas a man responds to physical stimulation alone, a woman puts herself into an almost meditative state.  Otherwise, no amount of touching will induce orgasm.  Again, this sounds quite complicated to men, but a woman does know how to adjust her focus in different situations.  

She has a specific technique 

All women have that one sure-fire orgasm making technique.  This is not to say that a woman has only one way of satisfying herself, but she does have a method that guarantees her orgasm.  I know that you are hoping that I’m about to tell you what it is, but I’m not.  It is as diverse as women themselves.  Some women like direct manual stimulation of the head of the clitoris, but some women are far too sensitive and require indirect stimulation.  There are even women who can get off just by rubbing their inner thighs.  Whatever her technique, find out what it is, and learn to employ it in given situations. 

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