Getting Her Off

by Michael Webb, Founder - 

Men are incredibly penis-centric beings.  They love to look at it, touch it, talk about it, and some men even name it!    However, women are not as into your penis as you are.  In fact, they tend to orgasm significantly more often when it’s not your penis doing the job.  The vaginal wall has very little in the way of nerves.  It’s the clitoris, which is on the outside, that makes the O-face happen.  That is, if you treat it right. 

Do not just dive right in.  It will only irritate her.  I know you’re thinking, “But it feels so awesome every single time someone touches my penis, so how can it not be the same for chicks’ clits?”  The clitoris and the penis are extremely similar in shape and function, but there are some differences.  Her pleasure organ is largely internal, and not as weathered as your well-beaten member, so it is quite a bit more sensitive.   

When she is in a neutral state, the head of her clitoris is exposed.  The head is the home to over 8,000 nerve endings, which is why it is so much better than your penis is at having orgasms, but also why your fingers feel like cheese graters on her under-stimulated organ.  However, when the woman is aroused, the erectile tissues fill with blood, and the clitoris becomes erect (sound familiar?).  In its erect state, the head slides under the clitoral hood where it is protected and coated with sebum produced in her body.  Meaning, she gets wet. 

The importance of wetness can never be over stated.  Without it, you shouldn’t even bother to get an erection, because she’s not going to let you touch her with it.  So how can you achieve that desired state?  Well, you could immediately run to your trusty water-based, mango flavored lube, dump it in your hand, smear it all over her vulva, and jam your penis in there, or you could do it the way she likes it.  That means foreplay.  A sweet kisses, nipple biting, and everything in between is what she really needs.  If you can provide her with ample stimulation before you even go near her clitoris, it will significantly cut down on the awkward prodding that takes place when you try to go in cold. 

Women are walking erogenous zones.  They don’t have just the one sex organ that is the epicenter of awesomness.  A woman’s whole body is covered in little spots that get them hot.  Where those exact spots varies from woman to woman, and day to day.  But figuring out where they are is all part of the fun.

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