The Master Art of Foreplay - the Man's G-Spot

by Michael Webb, Founder -  

How adventurous are you? Are you willing to go the distance to satisfy your partner?
Most men would say “Adventure is my middle name” and “absolutely” with utmost confidence when it comes to sexual intercourse and experimenting on sexual positions thanks to PORN and the Kama Sutra. 

Women would and answer “it depends on my mood” to both questions. Get the hint? No? Are you retarded or something? Oh man! She needs motivation you dork!
Satisfying a woman entails a lot of time spent on initiating foreplay until her batteries are all charged up and her libido spiking up to the maximum level. I don’t mean just mediocre foreplay and hard slapping and pounding sexual intercourse after dude! It has to give her a very electrifying, explosive, intense and invigorating and masterfully orgasmic experience prior to getting your  Jerky, Johnson, Willy, Junior or whatever you call your penis spit-fully satisfied inside her sweet, wet, warm, tunnel of love.

Men treat foreplay as just a waste of time and are oh so eager to just get it on. What most men don’t understand is that women who get enough foreplay can go the distance of attempting what only a handful of women would do for their man – and that is, to stimulate the male G-spot.

“Eeewww!”, “You want me to do what???,”Yuck!”, ”That’s so disgusting! Are you gay?” – Typical reaction of women, who are deprived of enough foreplay, asked or, since we’re talking about sensitive and emotional women, I should say “requested” to stimulate the male G-spot.

For those of you who are clueless about what the hell I’m talking about, brace yourselves – get a cup of coffee, a cigarette, a bottle of beer or anything that could keep you glued to reading what I intend to reveal to the less fortunate ones. 

Alright, the male G-spot is the prostate gland and not the head of your penis or your balls. It is located and can be stimulated from the anus. Yup! Don’t blame or question God for engineering it that way. There is a reason for its anatomical position. It is there because it is situated close to the so-called ejaculatory ducts. The term ejaculatory ducts are quite self-explanatory isn’t it? Get the logic?

Stunned? Here’s more...

This may be such a turn-off but if you give women the pampering and satisfaction she yearns and needs during foreplay, she will go the distance of allowing you to lay on your back with your legs spread apart like when a woman is about to give birth and best achieved when a pillow us under your hips aiding elevation and giving the appropriate angle. Applying pressure on the perineum or the surface of your anus would prep you up.

Stimulating the male G-spot or the prostate gland that resembles the shape of a chestnut requires gentle probing using the middle finger initially, to about 2 inches inside the anus. And the crowd went wild! Geez! Ever heard of a LUBRICANT you chicken? Your partner can make it even more interesting and exhilarating when coupled with fellatio while probing and applying different levels of pressure and intensity on your G-spot.

Trust this soon-to-be sex guru - after such an experience you would surely need to take a very cold shower to keep the conflagration under control because it is definitely illuminatingly hot when a woman does this to you in exchange for treating her like a queen during foreplay.

Class dismissed!

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