The Female Orgasm: How It Works, How It Works for You



by Michael Webb, Founder -  

I’m sure you’ve heard this disconcerting fact before:  75% of women do not reach orgasm during intercourse.  This doesn’t mean that 75% of women don’t cum at all, it means only 25% of them can cum while you’re pumping away and screaming baseball statistics into their ears.  This is a rectifiable situation, and it starts with you, buddy.  Understanding the four stages of the orgasm, as laid out by sexperts Masters & Johnson, can help you put your significant other into that desired 25%, and make her like you better!  They are as follows: 

1)     Excitement
2)     Plateau
3)     Orgasm
4)     Resolution


So what happens when you are excited?  Blood rushes to your penis, and it gets hard.  It is similar for women.  Blood rushes to her genitals causing her clitoris to swell and her vagina to increase in diameter and length.  Her cervix and uterus are pulled up, and her body produces lubrication, i.e. she gets wet.  While this doesn’t happen as quickly as it does to you, 5 minutes into Meet Joe Black she ought to be ready to go. 


The term plateau gives the impression that there is not a lot happening.  On the contrary, there is a lot going on.  Your heart rate and your breathing speed up.  Blood is congested in your genitals, waiting to blow.  This is the same for her.  Listen to her breathing and feel her heart rate.  If you don’t notice a change, go back to step one. 


Now here is where men and women differ.  Men have a Point of No Return (PNR).  This is when there is no stopping a man.  He is going to cum even if his mother walks into the room.  Women do not have this.  A woman can be a split second away from orgasm, and it may be interrupted.  She must be stimulated all the way through her orgasm! 
After this, there is the Refractory Period.  That is the part where you’ve cum, you may still be hard, but you are definitely not climaxing again.  Once again, women do not have a Refractory Period!  They go back to the Plateau stage.  This confuses men.  To them, the orgasm is the end game.  Once it’s achieved, the act is over.  For women, they’re just getting started.  Each proceeding orgasm is more intense than the previous.  Given proper stimulation, a woman can reach an “orgasm cloud” where her orgasms are so strong and so continuous, that they seemingly blend into one constant orgasm.  

The Resolution

After the Refractory Stage comes the Resolution.  This is the part where you’re blissfully snoring before the condom even comes off.  Since women don’t go through the Refractory Stage, Resolution begins once stimulation has ended.  If you have satisfied her sexually, you have flooded her brain with endorphins, the happiness hormone.  That means she will be happier with you, less likely to be angered by your dirty socks on the floor.  Well, at least for a few hours anyway.

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