The Birds and the Bees? Oh Puhlease!

by Michael Webb, Founder -  

Why do parents, teachers and older siblings preach so much about never telling a lie and that you will go to hell if you tell a lie. But what do they do? Exactly the opposite when faced with questions from the rugrats about why Sarah sits down when she pees and junior gets to pee standing up. 

The lamest explanation I ever came across with that one parent came up with is “because Sarah is a princess and her pretty dress would get wet if she pees standing up and you are a Prince and you will be king someday so you have to show them that you don’t have to sit down because it would show you are weak”. 

Is this fair? To lie about the truth and eventually retract your statement when they are ready? When is the right time to teach children about these things? Is there really a right time?

Ever seen Kindergarten Cop when this young boy kept blurting out “boys have a penis, girls have a vagina”? It’s absolutely hilarious but after the movie you couldn’t help but ask if this is the right time to expose this boy to the truth about the reproductive difference between a man and a woman. It’s far better than the birds and bees.

I believe this kid would hate his parents less for telling the truth to him even at a very early phase of his life instead of sheltering him too much. He could even end up the president of a country for all you know.

Boys don’t mind playing with girls in pre-school. When they reach the age of 7 onwards, they begin to be interested in the opposite sex in a different manner. For instance when he sees Lisa smiling and she glimpses at him, he all of a sudden looks away, then it clearly is an indication that you are slowly approaching the age of enlightenment.

Even as they reach their teen years, parents leave their sex education to their teachers and filthy magazines and porn videos that they gain access to by innocently going through their siblings’ stuff and getting creamed for it when caught.

“The best way to learn is through experience, which is, making mistakes and learning from them”.  I think this is BS! This is exactly why there is an increasing rate of juvenile delinquents! 

A clear example is when a boy knocks up a girl at a younger age than acceptable to the norms of society. Parents would react about the freakin’ news by getting hysterical and would blame them for being disobedient, too wild and too radical! 

Oh Puhlease!!!! Spare them from the dagger looks and the hefty lectures. Too late mom and dad! Deal with it! This is by far the outcome of the birds the bees and allowing them to learn from textbook sex education!

Quit lying will yah! Kids are smarter nowadays. Why wait for them to commit their own mistakes to learn from it but it’s too late to turn back? Talk to them –they don’t bite! Trust me! Sheltering them from the truth about life would cause more damage than good. 

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