Get In, Get Off, Get Out

by Michael Webb, Founder -

How Your Douche bag Friends Ruined Your Sex Life

 Where did you learn about sex? Health class? Your dad? But where did you learn about having sex? A lot of your early knowledge of intercourse probably came from your buddies, especially the ones who claimed to be getting some. Bad news, friend, they were just as clueless as you were. They too were relying on information from dudes who claimed to be having a bunch of sex and weren’t. Unfortunately for women everywhere, a lot of this locker room talk has no merit, yet sticks in the sexual psyche of the American male. Here are some things your buddies have bragged about, and shouldn’t have.

 He equated penis size with sexual prowess.

 Men seem to think that the bigger the penis the better. Guess what guys, size doesn’t matter…much. There are so many ways to pleasure a woman, and penetration is actually the least effective. Only 25% of women orgasm during intercourse. That doesn’t mean that 75% of men have tiny, unsatisfying penises, it just means that it’s difficult for women to cum during sex. So most of a woman’s climaxing happens during what you consider “foreplay,” which happens before your penis even touches her.

 He told you he went down on some girl “for, like, two hours.”

 This one even he may actually believe. When a man realizes a woman is going to let him stick his penis in her, every second leading up to that desirous act feels like an hour. It’s not. Most men also think that performing oral sex on a woman is just something you do to get her wet enough to handle your impressive member. Not true. What you consider foreplay is, to her, part of the sexual experience as a whole. Instead of rushing through it so you can get to the “actual sex part,” keep yourself tuned into her responses. Pleasing her can be pleasing yourself. And remember, women aren’t one-hit-and-quit like men when it comes to orgasms. So if you start the orgasm train early, she will definitely be impressed.

 He brags about how long he can last.

 Let’s put this to bed once and for all. Gentlemen, women do not want a man who can penetrate her continuously over the course of several hours. The genital area is home to some extremely delicate tissue, and the body can only produce so much lubrication. This is not to say that women don’t like sexual acts that last over the course of several hours. For a woman, sex begins the minute the decision is made to have the sex. This kissing, the caressing, and the dirty talk are as important to her as the penetration itself. If you allow yourself to be a part of that, you may be surprised at how intense the sexual experience can be for the both of you!

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